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When you and your spouse find yourselves in the unfortunate position of divorce, our firm is here to help you get through the process with dignity and grace, while preserving the marital estate for division – rather than attorney’s fees.  Our firm handles all divorces in a cost-effective manner – whether big, small, contested, uncontested, complicated or simple, we can assist you is a smooth transition throughout the divorce process.  We provide our clients with hands-on assistance in


You may qualify to modify your current Order regarding custody, parenting time rights, visitation, child support or alimony . . . if your current Order no longer serves your child(ren)’s best interest; if you or your ex-spouse have experienced a significant change in income since the last Order; if you or your ex-spouse have experienced a significant change in circumstance since the last Order; if you or your ex-spouse plan to move out-of-state; if the needs of your child(ren) have changed

Child Support

Child support is typically paid by the non custodial parent for the support and care of their children.


We can help you with temporary custody for a pending divorce, with parenting agreements, or modifications to agreements established in a final decree.


When child support payments go unpaid, it might be time to consider filing a petition for contempt.


These simple agreements can provide peace of mind to those facing an uncertain future.


Other Services:


The process of bringing opposing parties together to settle disputes, by using a neutral third party – a mediator. In some cases, this option can significantly reduce the overall costs of litigation.


"Homer's recommendation was simple and avoided some negative consequences that I had not considered-effective lawyering!"


"I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Homer in various capacities for about 12 years. No matter the task, he dedicates himself to going above and beyond,and working to develop the best solution. He has my recommendation!"


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